hey there. i'm jess and i am the founder of bubble marketing.

OK – so let's be real.   you didn’t come to this page to read about me. you came here to find out about bubble and how we can help – so let's get to it.

so you run your own small business. i get it. this is something you are good at, passionate about. and you are busy. very busy. 

Argh, so busy!

buuuuut you also want to grow your small business. you want potential customers to find you and so you start thinking about ways to do that. 

i've got it. i need to start marketing my small business. that will help!

so you do what everyone does. you head straight to google.

you start googling “small business marketing” “small business support” “website help” “budget marketing for small businesses” and get lost in a world of acronyms, hidden pricing structures and contracts, local and overseas businesses – virtual assistants and freelancers.

you start to ask your friends, the guy at the bank, your staff, your next-door neighbour (get the picture – you are talking to too many people) a million questions about content marketing plans, websites, social media strategies, site maps, customer journeys …ARGH! 

where do you even start?

don’t worry. we get it. we hear you. there is A LOT of information out there.

maybe too much information…

this is exactly why I created bubble marketing. simple, cost effective, no bull marketing support for small business. 

  • Simple monthly fee
  • Transparent pricing
  • No contracts 
  • Support for when you need it

keen to find out more? come on. it doesn’t need to be complicated.